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UNILIME Foundation organises Mentorship Programme for Abono DA Junior High School (JHS)

A non- governmental Organisation (NGO) committed to humanitarian activities, Unilime Foundation of the University of Education Winneba Kumasi Campus has organised a mentorship programme for Students at Abono DA Junior High School (JHS), in the Ashanti Region to enhance their personal development and leadership skills to bring transformation to their society.
 The mentorship programme was done by 15 volunteers from the Organisation to equip the students with the critical skills for success in their academics and life.
Addressing the students, the Regional Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the Organisation, Ms. Regina Okyere Darko said, they should see their teachers as mentors, because it would help them as individuals to discover and develop their educational, vocational and psychological potential  to achieve an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness.
“Your teachers are your tools for motivation since you spend a lot of time with them, therefore you must look up to them,” she urged.
Unlocking their Potentials
According to Ms. Darko, the programme which brought together 100 students was organised for them to help keep the pace with their social, emotional, behavioural as well as their cognitive changes.
“We have come to inspire you and your future because, we believe in you and we know you are the future leaders so you should take your personal leadership role seriously to build a better country,” she said.
As an Organisation, She pointed out that, mentoring is one of the key objectives to unlock the potential to academics that would brighten their future.
She added that, mentoring also gives opportunity to the youth or students to learn, make a difference and help the needy.
 Regional PRO advised them to tap into any given opportunity to equip themselves with relevant 21st Century skills that would enable them to maximise their potentials and to help them succeed in their various endeavours.
Touching on developing their confidence, Ms. Regina who was the former President of the Chapter indicated that, they could develop their confidence by never discouraging themselves and believing in themselves that, they could do everything.
 “You should never give up even if all hope is gone and you cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel, just believe that, you have the skills and potentials to solve the problem you are going through and you will solve it,” she said.
Commended Unilime
The Headmistress of the School, Ms. Theresa expressed her appreciation to the volunteers for their time and commitment as they seek to promote change in the society.
She applauded the volunteers for such an initiative because, it would help reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy in the community.
“Some students get pregnant and drop out of school because, of their immaturity and low confidence, therefore I believe doing this continuously will address part of the problem in the community,” she expressed.
They climaxed the mentoring session with a wonderful time by interacting, sharing jokes and above all shaping their minds and thought for a brighter future.
After the mentoring session, they distributed exercise books and pens to aid their smooth studies especially those who could not afford them.
Chief Editor: Ms. Emmanuella Oduro Appiah

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