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Pay close attention to Vocational and Technical skills – President of Unilime Foundation urges the Youth

The National President of Unilime Foundation, a Non – Governmental Organization with earnest commitment to humanitarian activities, Mr. Dennis Agyei Boateng, has advised the youth of Boso, a suburb in the Asuogyaman constituency in the Eastern Region, to consider Vocational and Technical skills the exclusive means of bettering their lives and as such, must be given close attention. According to him, when the youth become conscientious regarding accruing the skills and consciously learn, no one can plunder the skills from them.
Mr. Boateng said this during a mentoring session with some less privileged who have been enrolled in Vocational and Technical training last Saturday.
 Commitment  He pointed out that, learning Vocational and Technical skills is the best way to add value to their lives as individuals, especially the women. But, not to allow some men to deceive and destroy their lives as young individuals.He urged them not to hastily take certain decisions, but rather direct commitment to their trainers in order to acquire the apposite training necessary in building their lives.”Don’t think when a farmer sows a seed somewhere, it automatically germinates, grows and bears fruit, because sometimes, due to unfavourable growth conditions, the farmer uproots the seed and plants it somewhere viable. Meaning, you should not think that, where you were born is the only place to grow, work and give birth. Rather, you should think of how to better your lives.” Mr. Boateng, who is also a media consultant, urged them to learn and depart from their comfort zones. According to him, most youth  live in their comfort zones and are eager for quick money. Hence, are not ready to learn from their superiors so they could secure better future.
The President encouraged them to have vision and think about the future without dwelling so much on their current circumstances and past mistakes, rather, they should stay away from the things that made  them commit same mistakes.
He pledged the Organisation’s commitment to do their for the less privileged and for them to have a successful training.
Chief Editor: Miss Emmanuella Oduro Appiah

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